Friday, 21 May 2010

Replay Models Latest Castings

Summer tends to be the busiest season in the industry, and the Replay Models office is no exception. The Replay Models team has been inundated with exciting opportunities across the entertainments and media industries this week, and has been busy making these opportunities available to members.

Today, we sent members down to a particularly exciting casting for a pop promo, which will be shot in the style of Nelly Furtado's smash hit 'Maneater'.

The brief was looking for partygoers for an underground warehouse rave - the casting director told us he needed "cool, young, sexy, but with an edge. Tattoos are good, Latinos, tanned skin is great. People with some dance skills and a real vibe about them. We don't just want regular looks - we need eclectic cool people you would turn your head for in the street."

Of course, Replay Models was only too happy to oblige, as our books are full of cool, charismatic people, oozing vibe and style. Three of our members attended the Central London casting, and we'll be all be keeping our fingers crossed for them next week!

For more information about attending castings and shoots, please visit our fantastic new members' forums at and

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