Thursday, 27 May 2010

Replay Models Modelling Advice

Replay Models is delighted to announce its new modelling advice site, That's Modelling. You can find the new site at or you can access it through the toolbar on our main website at

That's Modelling is the result of years of industry experience, and the Replay Models team have put it together to offer members even more industry know-how and help than ever.

That's Modelling can provide you with advice on modelling, acting, agencies, portfolios, diet and exercise, and a lot more. There's also a forum, where you can debate the latest industry topics, and find out more from other members.

So do check out the new site,, as soon as you can.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Replay Models Reminder

Replay Models would like to remind all members to fill out their profile as fully and accurately as possible. Castings advertised on Replay Models and throughout the industry can recruit for talent on the basis of all sorts of factors, from height to hair colour to hat size! So do make sure you fill in all fields as fully as possible, and that the information is correct.

It is also important that all Replay Models members keep their profiles up to date, so if you get any taller, or change dress size, hair colour or other statistics, do make sure you update your profile as soon as possible.

Also remember that potential employers will be seeing your Replay Models profile, so take care to use the right spelling. punctuation and grammar.

If you would like any more information on how to fill out your Replay Models profile, or would like to ask a question about any other area of your Replay Models membership, please visit our members' forums at and

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Replay Models URGENT Casting Call for MTV

Replay Models is hosting an URGENT casting call for MTV, tomorrow, Wednesday 26th May.

MTV are searching for 10-12 Michael Jackson enthusiasts, of a broad range of ages and ethnicities, for an upcoming promo. The promo is paying £475, plus travel, wardrobe, and all other costs.

Please see our jobs board at for more information, and, if you fit the bill, do apply at once.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Replay Models Latest Castings

Summer tends to be the busiest season in the industry, and the Replay Models office is no exception. The Replay Models team has been inundated with exciting opportunities across the entertainments and media industries this week, and has been busy making these opportunities available to members.

Today, we sent members down to a particularly exciting casting for a pop promo, which will be shot in the style of Nelly Furtado's smash hit 'Maneater'.

The brief was looking for partygoers for an underground warehouse rave - the casting director told us he needed "cool, young, sexy, but with an edge. Tattoos are good, Latinos, tanned skin is great. People with some dance skills and a real vibe about them. We don't just want regular looks - we need eclectic cool people you would turn your head for in the street."

Of course, Replay Models was only too happy to oblige, as our books are full of cool, charismatic people, oozing vibe and style. Three of our members attended the Central London casting, and we'll be all be keeping our fingers crossed for them next week!

For more information about attending castings and shoots, please visit our fantastic new members' forums at and

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Replay Models Meeting Place

The Replay Models team would like to invite all members to join our fantastic new members' forums at and

We have designed these forums exclusively to give members the opportunity to talk to each other, share experiences and advice, and ask any questions they may have to the Replay Models team.

The Replay Models team has many years of experience within the industry, so there's no question they can't answer or problem they can't solve. Part of the secret to success at Replay Models is knowing exactly how the industry works - and using it to your advantage. That's why the Replay Models forums have been set up - they are regularly visited by all members of the Replay Models team, who will chat to members, answer questions, and share their unique industry insights and experiences.

So do come and visit us at or and join in the discussion!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Replay Model Management FAQ

At Replay Model Management, we know that knowledge is power, so we encourage our members to ask as many questions as possible to ensure they are properly informed for success.

All Replay Model Management staff spend a lot of time advising and assisting members queries, over the phone and by email, and we pride ourselves on providing all Replay Model Management members with a continuously available support service at every stage of their career.

To make this process even more efficient, the Replay Model Management team decided to get together, come up with all the most frequently asked questions members have, and devise the perfect solutions.

To see the Replay Model Management FAQ - or even to add a new question of your own - please visit our fantastic new forum at and join in the discussion.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Replay Models New Forum

Replay Models would like to invite all members and friends to come and visit our fantastic new members forum at

Replay Models has launched this forum to offer our members an interactive platform to gain advice, insight, hints, tips and much more.

The forum covers every aspect of the Replay Models service, from auditions to Z-Cards, as well as providing invaluable information on the industry, castings, shoots and more.

At Replay Models, we pride ourselves on the continuous support service we offer to members, allowing them to maximise their potential. Our new forum allows members to pose any questions or queries they have at any time, where they can receive an official response from the Replay Models team, and also discuss their queries with other Replay Models members.

Come and check out the new forum at and do let us know your thoughts.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Replay Models Urgent Casting Call

Replay Models is promoting an URGENT casting call for a street-wear brand advert. The casting is looking for variety and diversity, so all ages, heights, nationalities and looks are welcome to apply via the Replay Models jobs board.

The photos generated from this shoot will be used for six months in an continent-wide campaign, so it is an excellent way for Replay Models members to generate exposure.

This casting is currently available on the Replay Models jobs board, but the deadline is TODAY, Thursday May 13th, so please visit the Replay Models jobs board ASAP if you think you might be suitable.

For more information on this and all other current vacancies, please visit our main site at

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Replay Models is Looking for Carrie Bradshaws Everywhere...

Replay Models is currently searching for anyone who thinks they may have a little in common with everyone's favourite fashionista, for a fabulous Sex and the City style photo-shoot.

The Replay Models jobs board has all the details of an upcoming feature for a UK magazine, looking to create a story on the back of the upcoming Sex and the City sequel. The story will revolve around our 'Carrie', a fabulous girl who finds herself in a complicated on/off relationship, similar to the famous Carrie and Mr. Big saga immortalised in SatC.

So if you think you've got a SatC-style story to tell, and would like to spend the day being pampered in luxury for an amazing photo-shoot, visit the Replay Models jobs' board for full details.

There are plenty of other exciting opportunities on the Replay Models jobs board, so make sure you do regularly check back to keep up to date at

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Replay Models Votes For Success!

Have you voted yet? Replay Models has, and is voting today for Britain the same thing it votes for its members every day - freedom, flexibility and the empowerment to achieve real success.

The Replay Models philosophy revolves around continuously making opportunities available, and equipping our members with all the tools and support they need to maximise their potential.

This process starts with a unique and personalised Replay Models profile, which evolves over time, to reflect members growing skills and achievements. This profile is the perfectly designed online marketing tool, allowing Replay Models members to market themselves to a wide variety of clients, casting directors, promotional opportunities and more.

Replay Models also makes available bespoke marketing materials, to optimise offline marketing as far as possible. Exposure and connections are key, which is why Replay Models equips its members with high-quality marketing brochures ("Z-Cards") to ensure they make the biggest impact on all the right people.

To find out more about Replay Models, please visit our main site at

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Replay Models

Just a quick reminder from Replay Models to all its members to check the jobs board on a very regular - and preferably daily - basis. Our casting agents at Replay Models post new jobs as soon as they come in, with some having as little as 24 hours notice - and that could be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

So Replay Models would like to remind all members to check the jobs board as often as they can, and apply to all suitable vacancies, to make sure they don't miss out on anything.

Replay Models also endeavours to make the application process as smooth and successful as possible, so if you have any questions or queries on how to improve your application, please contact the Replay Models support team at

If you have any other queries or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Replay Models Wants To Hear From You

Are you a member of Replay Models? Are you considering becoming one?

At Replay Models, we strive to provide the most comprehensive, complete and quality service to all of our members. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our services, which is why the Replay Models members' support service would like to hear from YOU.

If you are already a Replay Models member, what made you decide to apply to us? Did you find the application process smooth and easy to understand? Were the Replay Models staff able to deal with all your queries efficiently? Have you found the Replay Models service user-friendly and effective? The Replay Models team would love to know your thoughts.

Or if you are not a member of Replay Models, are you considering becoming one? What factors are you considering before making the decision to apply to Replay Models? Is the Replay Models website appealing and informative?

We would be delighted to know your thoughts on everything Replay Models related, so please either leave a comment below, or email us at